Anonymous asked: Are you going through a painful breakup? I just saw ur last post and was wondering...I'm going through a shit one myself where he left me for a girl he said he hated... x

Not a massively painful breakup, but when I broke up with him he was still all over me, ringing and texting constantly, I felt as if I was still in a relationship with him always contacting me. He’s a good friend of my brothers and he was always trying to come round to my house and brag about things infront of me. I just felt as if I couldn’t get away from him. But after a month or two things have settled and he isn’t all over me. Obviously attachment is still there since we were together for more than a year and how close we were. I just didn’t want a relationship. That sounds horrible, I couldn’t imagine how you are feeling, it seems so disrespectful! I hope everythings alright x


I am finally a normal teenager, going out, drinking, mixing with the wrong crowd, ending up in a random guys bed, single and able to do the fuck I want. My boyfriend said I have changed, but I’ve grown older, I want to go out, I want to be a teenager, I don’t want to be limited to what I can do. Freedom I have fucking missed you